Enterprise solutions for electronic documents
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Do you ever have difficulties with printing data files?
  • Tricky jobs: you lack the programming know-how to meet customers’ requirements?
  • Time pressures: not enough staff to meet deadlines for print jobs?
  • Resource issues: inappropriate software in-house to do the job?
Our solution
RedTitan are the experts in document production for database publishing. Our software is used in large organisations around the world. We have taken this knowledge and created our own print job preparation service. Any type of data and in any form, can be transformed into a fully conditional data stream that will allow your printer to run at its fully rated speed and print good looking documents. We can help sort out problems with data in difficult formats, presenting data in special ways, migrating jobs to new printer formats.


  • PCL output from a desktop word processor converted to Metacode for a Xerox printing.
  • Xerox Metacode (line printer) jobs converted to PCL and PostScript for printing on IBM, Oce, HP-PCL and most other printers.
  • Page layouts created for you and data formatted from ASCII text or CSV data files into PCL, PostScript and Metacode format.
  • Complex database information turned into fully customised documents with dynamic pie charts and bar graphs.

These are just examples of the possibilities. RedTitan specialises in vendor-independent solutions, so input can be taken from almost any standard data format and output can be created for all commonly used models of printer. We accept data on diskette, computer tape, zip disk or CDROM, or by FTP (other media can be handled — ask for information).

You just send us your data and we produce the print job for you. We make it easy!

Contact RedTitan to discuss your requirements further.

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