Searchable PDF

Transform any printed image file or electronic document into a searchable PDF.

Have you ever attempted to search through a PDF or attempted to ‘cut & paste’ text from it, only to discover that it’s merely an image with no actual text? The result is having to manually re-type the desired text or, even worse, struggling to locate the correct document initially.

RedTitan’s OCR solution for documents enables the creation of PDF files with searchable text from nearly any print file or pre-existing electronic document. By opening your file in the RedTitan Document Processor and utilizing its advanced OCR function, you can effortlessly obtain a text-searchable PDF.

This task can be performed manually for occasional document processing or set up as an automated process for multiple conversions.

Take it a step further and generate an indexable PDF, allowing for easy storage and retrieval within an industry-standard indexing system. No indexing system? It’s not a problem – utilize the RedTitan nQ indexer.

Experience a free online trial here, or contact RedTitan by clicking here.

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