About RedTitan

Founded in 1985, RedTitan is one of the original tech start-ups.

We are a private company with offices in the UK, USA, France and Germany.
Our headquarters are in High Wycombe in the UK.

At RedTitan we have one goal, to provide world class document lifecycle solutions. We do this because we want to enable you to be the best in your business.

We only provide software which we have written, so we own the source and as a result RedTitan offer a personal bespoke service, pride ourselves on being smart, nimble, flexible and delivering solution to you on time and right first time.

RedTitan’s support service has been of the highest quality. We heartily commend the RedTitan team in High Wycombe for their prompt and efficient support

Call us on +44 (0)1494 811420 or email help@redtitan.com