Cleanroom Application

As the world’s leading silicon wafer (a substrate for integrated circuits) manufacturer, Shin Etsu strives to improve its products and customer satisfaction through improvements during wafer manufacturing and inspection. This is where the Print2PC package has assisted in improving wafer quality. Shin Etsu Handotai Europe has adopted the RedTitan Print2PC system for data capture from Legacy Inspection systems within its clean room environment for more than five years. Print2PC has allowed for the removal of multiple printers within the clean room resulting in a reduction in possible cross contamination of the silicon wafer.

The Print2PC solution has also allowed for central storage of wafer inspection measurements, thus allowing for improved yield control and process improvements. The ongoing customer support provided by the RedTitan team has been excellent. The Print2PC solution has been rolled out to other area’s within both the production and inspection facility here at Shin Etsu Europe.

Livingston, West Lothian, EH54 7DA, U.K.