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A Virtual Printer for Electronic medical records

RedTitan provides the “glue” that transforms electronic documents and helps migrate legacy printer data to electronic medical record formats so it was no surprise to get a call from Zeiss with a interesting challenge. Some of the equipment made for the ophthalmology industry could not produce an electronic document, all it could do was print!

Surely a software upgrade and perhaps a TCP/IP hardware interface
would be good enough?
No – you don’t understand – If we change anything it has to go back
through the very expensive TYPE APPROVAL procedure.

It turns out that the world is full of “black box” devices in medical and industrial applications that can only print. Sometimes the law or security prohibits any attachment to a network. (nobody wants a “virus” on an ophthalmic lance) – The concept of Virtual Printer hardware was born.

Virtual printer

The principle is easy enough. Build a small piece of hardware that just looks like the same old printer to the “black box”. A powerful microprocessor handles the printer interface – we used a MICROCHIP PIC 16 device. Data is collected on a USB connection to a PC controlled using an FTDI package. The device gets its power from the USB interface avoiding the need for a special power supply.

Of course data collection is only half the story. Processing the collected printer data is the work of RedTitan EscapeE. You can even recover data straight off the printed page for re-processing, filing or even patient identification.

Now, six years on, many thousand of these devices have been rolled out in data capture applications. The chances are that, the next time you take an eye test, you will find the RedTitan Printt2PC box doing its job in the back of a Zeiss Humphrey Field Analyser.

Today RedTitan offer various models of the Print2PC system – Parellel Port, USB Port, Serial Port and Network attached printers, taking care of everything from Pacemaker Programmers through to Blood Analysis controllers. There is even a bowling alley on an island in northern Germany that owes its scoring system to Print2PC.

USB Virtual Printer

Streamline Your Lab Data Management with RedTitan’s Virtual Printer

Are you utilizing a HACH TL2360, TL3250 or a similar laboratory water turbidimeter? If so, you might still be printing results and manually entering data, a time-consuming and error-prone process. Fortunately, there’s a way to enhance your workflow efficiency and accuracy—by incorporating RedTitan’s Virtual Printer into your lab operations.

The Challenge of Manual Data Entry

For many labs, the process of printing test results and then entering them manually into a digital system is standard practice. This method, while traditional, comes with several downsides:

  • Time-Consuming: Manually entering data takes significant time, which could be better spent on more critical tasks.
  • Error-Prone: Human error is inevitable, and even small mistakes in data entry can lead to significant issues in data analysis and reporting.
  • Inefficient Data Management: Printed results need physical storage, and retrieving old data can be cumbersome.

Introducing RedTitan’s Virtual Printer

RedTitan’s Virtual Printer offers an innovative solution to these challenges by seamlessly capturing printed output on a Windows PC in PDF, Text, or CSV format. This advancement means you can maintain your existing workflow while significantly improving efficiency and accuracy.

How It Works

The best part about RedTitan’s Virtual Printer is its simplicity and compatibility. There’s no need to modify your current laboratory device. Here’s how you can get started:

  • Connect the Virtual Printer: Simply connect the RedTitan Virtual Printer to your laboratory equipment.
  • Print as Usual: Continue to print your test results just as you normally would.
  • Seamless Data Capture: The Virtual Printer captures the printed output and converts it into a digital format that is easy to store, search, and analyze.

Versatile Compatibility

RedTitan provides comprehensive solutions that cover various connection types and protocols:

  • Hardware Solutions: Capture output from Parallel, USB, and Serial ports.
  • Software Solutions: Utilize TCP/IP attached printers using IPP, LPR, or streamed printing protocols.

Benefits of Using RedTitan’s Virtual Printer

  • Enhanced Efficiency: Automate the data capture process, freeing up valuable time for more critical lab activities.
  • Improved Accuracy: Reduce the risk of human error associated with manual data entry.
  • Streamlined Data Management: Easily store and retrieve digital records, making data analysis and reporting more efficient.
  • Cost-Effective: Minimize the need for paper, ink, and physical storage space.
  • Compatibility: Works seamlessly with a wide range of laboratory devices without requiring modifications.


Integrating RedTitan’s Virtual Printer into your laboratory workflow can transform the way you manage data, making the process faster, more accurate, and more efficient. If you are still printing and manually entering test results, it’s time to embrace this innovative solution and take your lab operations to the next level. Ready to streamline your lab’s data management? Explore the benefits of RedTitan’s Virtual Printer today and see the difference it can make in your laboratory’s efficiency and accuracy.

For further details see RedTitan Virtual Printer or contact us via email.

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Searchable PDF

Transform any printed image file or electronic document into a searchable PDF.

Have you ever attempted to search through a PDF or attempted to ‘cut & paste’ text from it, only to discover that it’s merely an image with no actual text? The result is having to manually re-type the desired text or, even worse, struggling to locate the correct document initially.

RedTitan’s OCR solution for documents enables the creation of PDF files with searchable text from nearly any print file or pre-existing electronic document. By opening your file in the RedTitan Document Processor and utilizing its advanced OCR function, you can effortlessly obtain a text-searchable PDF.

This task can be performed manually for occasional document processing or set up as an automated process for multiple conversions.

Take it a step further and generate an indexable PDF, allowing for easy storage and retrieval within an industry-standard indexing system. No indexing system? It’s not a problem – utilize the RedTitan nQ indexer.

Experience a free online trial here, or contact RedTitan by clicking here.

Data merge with direct PDF generation

Create a professional looking business document, merge your database files and produce a PDF all with the powerful yet simple to use RedTitan Document Designer – PDF.

A windows application for creating anything from a business letter, customer bill or financial contract.

The Intuitive design interface is used to produce sophisticated dynamic layouts with scalable fonts, shaded areas, lines, boxes, and graphics, in black & white or full colour.

Merge your customer data right on screen and output it directly to a PDF file.

It’s that simple.

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RedTitan UK computer programming jobs – a chance for ideas.

Join one of the oldest IT start-ups in the UK. Small and agile by design, RedTitan creates some of the most powerful digital document products serving blue-chip companies – Worldwide.

We believe computer programming means creativity and innovation – not selling stale third-party software. If you want to make an impact from day one, write to

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Email directly with Microsoft® Word

Design and send emails with Microsoft® Word. Why I hear you ask!  Well for several reasons.

  • We all know how to use Word.
  • Email directly from within Word to a single address or list of addresses from a simple CSV file, no other software required.
  • Save as an HTML email template for use by an advanced automated email application like RedTitan’s Qemail.

For more information and a free trial version please click here.

Electronic Medical Records

(GE CARESCAPE ™ – Patient monitoring systems and the RedTitan Virtual Printer)

The Royal Sussex County Hospital is an acute teaching hospital in Brighton, England. Together with the Princess Royal Hospital, it is administered by the Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust.

The Royal Sussex County Hospital uses a wide range of GE patient monitoring equipment including CARESCAPE™ monitors which use locally attached printers or can route print via the GE central control station. Their requirement was to route crucial documents to departmental printers as well as reduce the overall paper and print costs by allowing all documents that would have been printed to be saved as an Electronic Medical Record in PDF format on the hospital’s LAN. A key requirement of this was for the PDF files to be named with the correct patient information, i.e. their name, ward and bed number etc so that they could be filed electronically and accessed simply at later appointments.

RedTitan was able to supply a solution that enabled the patient monitoring devices to route its print to a windows Server running the RedTitan Virtual Printer software. Users of the CARESCAPE™ monitors would just print as if the real printer was attached. The RedTitan Virtual Printer would automatically manage both receiving the documents, printing to departmental printers where required as well as converting to PDF, naming and storing remotely.

Documents that would traditionally be printed 1 page at a time are now concatenated onto a single electronic document, making storage and retrieval much simpler and more efficient.

The RedTitan Virtual printer is able to capture and process documents intended for a printer from virtually any piece of medical equipment or central control station.

Product brochure download.

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Xerox™ DJDE/Metacode conversion

Here at RedTitan we have seen an increase in requests for information on our Xerox™ DJDE/Metacode converter. With Covid-19 playing havoc with printing sites do you need to outsource your mainframe data printing requirements or just convert the output meant for a Xerox™ centralised electronic printer to an electronic document in PDF or other format.

If Yes then we have the solution. 

The RedTitan DataStream Converter LCDS will convert files designed for Xerox™ printers into either PDF, Postscript, PCL or AFP.

See for further details.

COVID-19: Supporting our customers.

We want to reassure our customers that we are here to help them during this time. All RedTitan staff have relocated to their homes and are working remotely, we anticipate there will be minimal disruption to our normal business activities, however if you have tried to contact us either by phone or email and did not get a response within 1 business day please try again.

We have a range of products geared to solving problems. If you need a solution to your printing issues, convert printed output to an electronic document or data mining from an existing electronic document then please see our website or contact us for more information and a non-pressured conversation with a technical person.

We hope all our customers follow the advice of their respective governments in order to keep everyone as safe as possible.

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