RedTitan environmental statement

RedTitan is committed to protecting the environment and ensuring our impact footprint is as small as is practical. As a small company, we strive to adhere to best practices within our industry, while checking our daily operations and those of our suppliers for areas of concern.

Our staff are mainly based at home and our head office is run by Regus, a multi-national office management company. We are in contact with our Regus head office management to ensure environmental best practices are maintained.

Whilst we have no direct say over how our employees treat environmental issues in their homes, we do encourage them to consider the environment in their daily lives.

We manufacture very little and source from reputable suppliers anything we purchase. Our software is typically delivered electronically and the documentation is usually supplied as a paperless electronic file.

We do not have an Environmental Management System nor do we have a ISO 14001 accreditation but believe the commitment of the RedTitan management and staff is sufficient to ensure adherence to best practices.

Please contact if you have any questions.