nQServer v5.x end of life notification

RedTitan announce as of 1st January 2022 that we are stopping the development of the older nQServer v5.x or earlier web interface, nQlpd spooler and other associated applications. Version 6.1 will replace all previous versions.

For customers with a current support and maintenance contract, we will still continue to support you in the operation of this software until 1st January 2023 but no development will be carried out.

Version 6.x and associated applications will replace previous versions and is being provided free of charge to customers with a support and maintenance contract. Those wishing to update without a support and maintenance contract can purchase an update to the latest version.

Why should you upgrade?

  • Support for all the browsers.
  • Spooler gives more information about its activity.
  • System logs to both Windows Event Viewer and text log files.
  • Improved user interface.
  • Greater throughput speed.
  • Enhanced security for the web interface.

nQ v6 has been enhanced in v6.1. For more information on nQ v6.1 click here