HACH® TL2360 turbidimeter PDF printer

Unlock the Power of Seamless Digital Transformation with Print2PC Virtual Printer by RedTitan!

Are you utilizing a HACH TL2360 or a similar laboratory water turbidimeter?

If you find yourself still printing results and engaging in manual data entry, consider incorporating RedTitan’s Virtual Printer. This innovative solution allows the printed output to be seamlessly captured on a Windows PC in PDF, Text, or CSV format.

There’s no need to modify the laboratory device; simply connect the RedTitan Virtual Printer and proceed to print test results in your usual manner.

RedTitan provides Virtual Printer hardware and software solutions to capture Parallel, USB and Serial port output, as well as TCP/IP attached printers using IPP, LPR or streamed printing protocols.

For further details see RedTitan Virtual Printer or contact us via email.

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