RedTitan Automated Document Email

QEmail is part of the RedTitan Document Controller, it is an email client for automating the sending of personalised emails.

So you’ve created your print run and now you need to get it to your customers. We are talking here about large print-ready files containing hundreds or thousands of individual customer records, created from a database or mainframe application.

Don’t print & post? Push email is a great way to communicate with your client. An eye-catching email with an attachment is key to customer retention and brand identity. It offers a significant saving to your business when compared to traditional Print & Mail.

But how? RedTitan’s Document Controller makes all of this possible and simple to implement. Files are split by individual customer, converted to PDF, emailed, or put in a repository for retrieval. Print and mail for those that still prefer a paper copy or do not have an email address. 

QEmail sends the email, includes the PDF as an attachment and wraps it in the professional-looking email template designed in Word using the QDocEmail add-in.