Document Processor – Which edition?


  • View PCL5, PCL6, PCL3GUI, HPGL, Postscript, PDF and TIFF files.
  • Access Via GUI only.
  • Read up to 5000 pages per file.
  • Print via any windows driver.

Transformer (Viewer+)

  • Convert to PDF, Postscript, PCL, TIFF, PNG, HTML and image formats.
  • Add PDF document security such as a password.

Batch Automation (Transformer+)

  • Automate document production using a command-line citing input and output file names and all required options.

Professional (Batch Automation+)

  • No page limit.
  • TCP/IP integration.
  • LPR output.
  • Runs on multi-user environments. i.e. Citrix, Terminal Server or via Remote Desktop.

Options available at additional cost

  • Process and convert AFPDS print streams.
  • Plugins for adding text, barcodes, images and background forms.