Searchable PDF

Convert any imaged print file or electronic document to a searchable PDF.

Ever tried to search a PDF or ‘cut & paste’ text from it, only to find it’s just an image with NO TEXT!!!!! You then have to re-type the text you were looking for, or worse you can’t find the right document in the first place.

RedTitan’s document OCR solution creates text searchable PDF files from virtually any print file or existing electronic document. Open your file in the RedTitan Document Processor and export the using its advanced OCR function, hey presto you have a text-searchable PDF.

Performed this simple but vital task either manually when processing the odd document or as an automated task where multiple conversions are required.

Go one step further and create an indexable PDF, store and simply retrieve as required in an industry-standard indexing system. Don’t have one, no issue, just use the RedTitan nQ indexer.

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Data merge with direct PDF generation

Create a professional looking business document, merge your database files and produce a PDF all with the powerful yet simple to use RedTitan Document Designer – PDF.

A windows application for creating anything from a business letter, customer bill or financial contract.

The Intuitive design interface is used to produce sophisticated dynamic layouts with scalable fonts, shaded areas, lines, boxes, and graphics, in black & white or full colour.

Merge your customer data right on screen and output it directly to a PDF file.

It’s that simple.

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Email directly with Microsoft® Word

Design and send emails with Microsoft® Word. Why I hear you ask!  Well for several reasons.

  • We all know how to use Word.
  • Email directly from within Word to a single address or list of addresses from a simple CSV file, no other software required.
  • Save as an HTML email template for use by an advanced automated email application like RedTitan’s Qemail.

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Running a thermal printer every day? Change your thermal printout to PDF

Do you own a Laboratory water analysis system such as HACH TL2350 turbidimeters, measuring scales or any other piece of equipment which only print its results to a thermal printer?

Capture this output and store it on a network share or upload it to a database without the need to scan the result or spend hours on data entry, get a RedTitan Virtual printer.

Capture, convert and store what was printed without updating working equipment.

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