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RedTitan print capture hardware is used in several thousand installations worldwide to migrate high value paper print applications to electronic records.

Humphrey Matrix EMR capture


  • RedTitan Virtual Printer replaces a full color inkjet printer on a Humphrey Matrix.
  • No external power supply is required.
  • No changes are required to the Humphrey Matrix configuration.
  • Visual Field Test printout processed directly by a USB attached PC.
  • Results converted to PDF, DICOM or image formats.
  • Automatic extraction of EMR data
Visual field Test
Humphrey Matrix print capture
Replace the USB attached printer on the Humphrey® Matrix with a Virtual Printer and capture output in an electronic document format

The Humphrey Matrix supports HP 6122, 3820, or 6940 full color inkjet printers. The Redtitan hardware is automatically detected when it is attached to the system using a USB cable. A second USB cable is used to attach the hardware to a PC running the RedTitan USB2PC software. When the operator initiates a Visual Field Test print the data that would be normally sent to the printer is directed to the USB2PC software. This data may then be printed on any color printer to produce the exact report that would have been originally printed. The system can be configured to produce a number of other formats including PDF, DICOM and image. All of these tasks are completed automatically without operator intevention thus eliminating the potential for error.
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