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Year 2000

Year 2000 compliance

RedTitan has prepared the following information for customers requesting information about Year 2000. We hope this will satisfy your organisation's requirements on compliance whilst cutting down on expensive and time-consuming paperwork. To view updates to this statement, revisit these pages. If you have any more questions about Year 2000 compliance, please contact us.

RedTitan cannot provide any warranties specific to Y2K readiness because this depends on several factors, including software from other vendors, notably the operating system. Users should confirm that their hardware and operating systems are, or will be, Year 2000 compliant.

RedTitan software
The following have no dependency on date formats for their functionality and the change of the year to 2000 should have no effect on the performance or use of the products within the constraints of the operating systems:

Document Design System: Page Designer, Document Planner, Font Editor, Image Editor, Font Rasteriser, Font/Image Converter, Disk Converter, Tape Converter. (FDLView/Fred/Rifle/RTFont/RTInOut/RTDisk/RTTape)
Legacy Migration System: DataStream Converter Toolkit and Runtime, JSL Editor. (RedPrint/JSLView)

The following products use 4 digit year numbers and have been tested both on the transition to year 2000 and date arithmetic. Provided the operating PC has a suitable BIOS the software will cause no problems:

Dynamic Document Formatter, including Document Courier. (PrePrinter, IPush/IPull)

We have verified the ability of current versions of our software (as of 1 May 1998) to function with dates 1/1/2000+. All subsequent releases of these products should be unaffected by the change to the Year 2000. Any Year 2000 issues that may arise and which are not attributable to third parties will be rectified for those customers who have a support agreement with us.

RedTitan bureau service
There is no dependency on date formats for software (fonts, barcodes, logos and images) or hardware (font cartridges, IC cards, etc) supplied by the RedTitan Bureau Service.

Our business systems
Our internal systems have been checked for Year 2000 compliance and are already compliant.

9 November 1999

This information is not a warranty and RedTitan does not assume any liability for its accuracy or completeness. This compliance status assumes that any products that are interconnected to compliant RedTitan products are also Year 2000 compliant. All other limitations on liability contained in the applicable software product end user license agreement shall apply.

Copyright RedTitan Technology Limited 1998-2000. Last updated: 28/11/00.