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Enterprise solutions for electronic documents

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Raw data to XML converter for R/3

XML (eXtensible Markup Language) is rapidly becoming the new standard for data interchange and e-commerce. A subset of the long-standing SGML (Standardised General Markup Language), it is a cousin of the HTML (HyperText Markup Language) used for publishing documents in browsers and on the world wide web. But while HTML only describes how to display a document, XML describes the content. The advantage of XML over other data formats is that it is a text-based markup system that can be read on any platform.

How does it work?
RedTitan RT5000 for R/3 simply takes the raw data interface (RDI) from SAP R/3 applications and converts it to XML. Templates for the static content of documents are prepared in the Windows PC using RT5000’s WYSIWYG  Document Design System.

The XML variable data output is then formatted and dynamically merged with the templates by the RT5000 Dynamic Document Formatter. This creates output in a range of languages that cover all commonly used printing platforms: Metacode (e.g. Xerox line printers), PostScript (e.g. Xerox DocuPrint/Tech/Color, IBM, Oce) or PCL (e.g. Hewlett-Packard and compatibles). Output is sent straight to the printer or RT5000 spooler or directed via the RT5000 TCP/IP document router, for printing at full production speeds.

The RedTitan Advantage
RedTitan are experts in converting raw data into beautifully presented documents for the high-volume market.

  • Efficiency: RT5000 for R/3 helps you to exploit your database effectively and efficiently, even with multiple hosts, and with no restrictions on output format. All standard data formats can be handled by the system, including now XML.
  • Presentation: All your documents, from the corporate brochure down to the simplest stocklist, reflect your company’s image. The desktop publishing revolution has opened up new design possibilities and companies now expect the same quality from their high-volume, database systems. RT5000’s powerful features let you use sophisticated layouts and typefaces — without sacrificing production speeds.
  • Flexibility: Because RT5000 is vendor-independent, it fits into your current system architecture, maximising its performance and giving you the flexibility to upgrade your printing and other hardware systems when and how you want.
  • Customisation: RedTitan specialise in customised solutions, so we can tailor our system to suit your needs or even implement a complete printing solution for your organisation.

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