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Enterprise solutions for electronic documents

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 Year 2000

RedTitan creates the definitive VIPP enabler

The Xerox DocuPrint/DocuTech systems are designed to meet customers’ needs for high-quality PostScript printing. Xerox VIPP [Variable Data Intelligent PostScript PrintWare] provides an easy way to use PostScript devices in a traditional non-PostScript host environment.

VIPP decreases network traffic by dynamically creating the document at the printer and it lets users migrate line printer applications to PostScript without time-consuming recoding. The user still has some work to do in coding the VIPP commands for the data filling positions. This is where RedTitan’s expertise comes in.

VIPP generation

Making it easy to use VIPP
The RT5000 Document Design System (originally 'FDLView') is used in organisations around the world for creating form overlays and data filling files for the complete range of Xerox printers. Now, with privileged access to the VIPP Development Team in Switzerland, RedTitan has extended RT5000 to generate the VIPP code automatically.

New page layouts are easily designed using WYSIWYG tools and desktop proofing facilities — or legacy forms and fonts are read into the system. The data fields can be read in from the data file (or even extracted from the database via SQL) and positioned accurately on the pages. The user selects the VIPP option for output and at the touch of a button all the correct page layout, VIPP code and font resources are generated automatically. The system handles VIPP in both Line Mode and Database Mode.

Reducing costly programming time
RedTitan also has a solution for customers with Metacode and DJDE datastreams who need to print them unchanged on printers running VIPP. Once resources from the centralised printer have been read in and converted, jobs can be run from a single batch file. The RT5000 Legacy Migration System (also known as 'RedPrint') takes care of all the page and data formatting. The risks in investing in a new Xerox PostScript printer are reduced, because jobs can be run without costly time rewriting applications.

More choice and flexibility
The benefits don’t stop there — users are not restricted to a ‘one-way’ conversion to the Xerox DocuPrint/DocuTech. RT5000's single source system means that once the core layout is created, output can be generated for any printer type — so that the same documents can be printed on the old mainframe printer, or any other printers.

Similarly, you no longer have to make choices between Metacode or PostScript, Metacode or PCL. RT5000 lets you run the same DJDE/Metacode jobs in a range of different print modes. Thus a mix of printers can be used in the same organisation. Printers can be moved to different sites for ‘distribute and print’. PCL desktop printers can be used for short runs and back ups for the main printer.

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