Enterprise solutions for electronic documents
Enterprise solutions for electronic documents

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Working smarter

At every stage of producing a job, RedTitan makes your enterprise run more efficiently.

  • Uncertainties about how a job is going to print not only waste the designers' and programmers' time, they also use up valuable time on the production printer. RT5000 ensures that you can view and test documents exactly as they will print.
  • Increasing size of data packets and greater amounts of traffic are slowing down network speeds everywhere. RT5000 has ways of minimising traffic and conserving band width on the corporate network, as well as maintaining full production speeds at the printer.
  • The step-by-step menus of many Windows products can be frustrating for expert users. RedTitan gives power users the option to run programs the way they want.

Viewing and testing the whole job
The RedTitan
Page Designer saves you writing the printer code for the layout and testing it on the production printer: you get a true 1:1 WYSIWYG view of the layout. Markers show exactly where the data is to go, so you can align everything perfectly, and you can test the result of 'conditional' variables.

With both the Page Designer (for new jobs) and DataStream Converter (for legacy JSL) users can import the live data and merge it with the fixed parts to see how the whole job looks on screen. Pages can also be sampled quickly to a 'desktop' printer before making a production run.

RedTitan's latest idea is PCL Converter. For some time now, PostScript output could be viewed as PDF in Adobe Acrobat, but there was no equivalent way of checking PCL output before production printing. The RedTitan PCL Converter gives a perfect screen view of pages of a PCL job and allows pages to be sampled locally.

Reducing file sizes and network traffic
Rather than processing huge files of data, RT5000's strategy is to merge the variable data at the printer so there is no loss of production speed. This also means there is no waste moving files around network: the Document Courier transmits only the variable data required: other fixed resources are permanently stored at the remote sites and only updated when required. A single document can be sent to multiple sites in the corporate network. Targeted output means that a single application output file can address any number of specific printers or servers in the network.

Specialist options
At RedTitan we like to make our software equally attractive to the novice and expert user. Behind the intuitive interface of many RedTitan programs, power users can access source code and command line options which free up time through speed editing, batch changes and unattended use.

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