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strategic issues

enterprise document stategy A complete enterprise document strategy
Optimising ERP Optimising ERP software
dot Working smarter
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data manipulation

dot Converting raw data to XML
dot SQL interface

document design

dot WYSIWYG design for d/base publishing
dot Multi-page document planning
dot Dynamic barcodes and graphics
dot VIPP printing

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dynamic formatting

dot High volume dynamic data merging
dot Barcode printing

job management

dot VIPP printing
dot Reducing network traffic
dot Queue management from a web browser
dot Distribute and print
viewing & archiving dot Archiving documents
dot Viewing PCL jobs on screen

datastream migration

dot Moving jobs from Xerox line printers
dot Extracting data from PCL jobs
dot Converting raw data to XML
dot Migrating double-byte fonts jobs

font services

dot Converting scalable fonts to bitmap
dot Adding Euro symbol to fonts
dot Working with Kanji fonts
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