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RT5000 database publishing system

Maximise the power of your database

Set a new standard in communications

Control the way data is used

Ease the pressure on your network


New feature!
The RedTitan enterprise data processor (nDP) integrates and enhances  the modules of the RT5000 system.


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The RT5000 advantage
dot.gif (852 bytes) Access to the data
dot.gif (852 bytes) Visual design
dot.gif (852 bytes) Flexible delivery

RT5000 database publishing system

RT5000 is the most flexible system yet for managing every aspect of your documents. It publishes data directly from desktop databases and acts as a client of remote networked database servers. Documents reflect the most current information, network traffic is reduced and expensive programming time is cut.

An easy to use document design interface moves page design away from the realms of database programming, letting marketing requirements drive the finished result. Customer details are invisibly merged into layouts and a perfect 1:1 image of the finished result is dynamically displayed on screen. No time is wasted on `trial and error'. Completely individualised documents are created for highly targeted results.

RT5000 lets you meet today's standards for sophisticated layouts and proportionally spaced fonts: everything is dynamically reformatted at full production speeds. RT5000 is vendor- and output-independent, so you can migrate to new PostScript and PCL environments without rewriting legacy applications. You can distribute and print. You can fax. And you can share your documents on archiving systems, intranets and the Internet. Whatever the future holds, RT5000 will be there.

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