Enterprise solutions for electronic documents
About RedTitan

The company

dot.gif (851 bytes)  Established 18 years.
dot.gif (851 bytes)  UK based.
dot.gif (851 bytes)  London, Paris, Boston.
dot.gif (851 bytes)  World leading team.

Design principles

dot.gif (851 bytes)  Open architecture.
dot.gif (851 bytes)  Printer and datastream independent.
dot.gif (851 bytes)  WINTEL platform.
dot.gif (851 bytes)  Pascal/Java/ECMAScript.
dot.gif (851 bytes)  TCP/IP and Novell Netware.

The quality of the printed page is a key product of any enterprise.

RedTitan makes practical document publishing solutions for data processing applications.

Our software delivers the advantages of laser printing and integrates networks, host platforms, legacy data streams and desktop design systems.

We make laser printing work!

Software strategy

RedTitan offers a complete strategy for document production including:
dot.gif (851 bytes)  WYSIWYG document design and composition;
dot.gif (851 bytes)  seamless migration of legacy data and documents;
dot.gif (851 bytes)  high-speed dynamic document formatting and print management;
dot.gif (851 bytes)  expert font and image manipulation.

Running on standard PCs, our software interacts with all standard databases and printing systems including Xerox, IBM-AFP, HP-PCL, PostScript and VIPP. All products are designed and manufactured in the UK.

RedTitan also offers a high quality bureau service for:
dot.gif (851 bytes)  supply of fonts, images and barcodes;
dot.gif (851 bytes)  creating print files from data tapes.

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