Enterprise solutions for electronic documents
Enterprise solutions for electronic documents

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nQ enterprise queue manager

Complex server applications can be remotely controlled from a regular Web browser using the RedTitan Enterprise Queue (nQ) technology. RedTitan document formatting systems, data stream converters and spooling systems can be managed through any TCP/IP network, including the Internet.

The RedTitan advantage:
To a remote user, nQ is a number of web and FTP servers. There are no local deployment overheads; all that is required is a recent JAVA-capable browser such as Internet Explorer 5 or Netscape Communicator. This familiar interface cuts the time an enterprise needs to roll-out new applications to a user community.

Host servers with the RedTitan nQ extensions will run on any PC platform and not conflict with existing HTTP systems. The nQ host delivers dynamic HTML documents to the remote users that can be easily customised, without programming, to localise content or simplify routine operations. Any changes made to host documents or applications are immediately visible through the network to remote users.

In addition to the RedTitan document management, data conversion and archiving software, the nQ system provides a battery of communication protocol applets including FTP, LPD, LPR and Windows print capture. The nQ host can process data from a remote site through any number of applications and provide job tracking and accounting. Bridging different host technologies such as AS400, UNIX and PCs becomes possible without risk.

Using nQ, the network attached printers can be pooled and shared intelligently. Printing is coordinated by an nQ applet that can detect printer status using SNMP, so page accounting is accurate and unneeded spooler hold-ups are eliminated.

RedTitan nQ provides a scalable solution to printing, document management and legacy migration applications that fit the real world enterprise.

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