Enterprise solutions for electronic documents
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Case study

A company in the USA providing finance for home and agricultural equipment needed to migrate output from their Xerox 4050 to network attached PCL printers. But they wanted different documents to print on up to six different printers, a task that would involve manually selecting printers for each job.

RedTitan has installed the Enterprise Data Processor as an automatic job scheduler for the RedTitan DataStream Converter.

Data from the IBM mainframe is FTP’d to a number of input directories. nDP monitors these, picks up the files, runs the DataStream Converter and directs the jobs via LPR to the appropriate PCL printer. So the whole task from converting Xerox data input to PCL output is handled automatically without the customer needing to make any changes to their applications!

nDP enterprise data processor

The RedTitan Enterprise Data Processor (nDP) is an open-architecture program that integrates different modules in the RedTitan RT5000 system, managing jobs and reprocessing data.

  nDP complements and enhances the function of every module in the RT5000 Database Publishing suite: the Document Design System, Dynamic Document Formatter and Legacy Migration System.

  All data processing is done using an XML-compatible data format.

A front panel of tasks and services allows users to plan both one-off and unattended jobs using a visual interface.

We make it easy!

Typical applications for nDP include:

  • Organising a multi-step data processing operation.
  • Job identification and ticketing.
  • Generating and downloading resource lists.
  • Re-processing complex data.
  • Constructing HTML views of data for browsing.
  • Providing a step-by-step guide to job setup.
  • Data routing.
  • Database operations on simple data.
  • Handling unusual data formats.

New features are continually being added: contact RedTitan for the latest information.

System requirements

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