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RedTitan module names

To make our product range easier to use, we have renamed many of our existing software packages and modules. These names, which appear on the icons on the desktop and in the user guides, make it clear exactly what each module is used for. The Windows filenames remain the same as before.

This package...

is now called:
PrePrinter, and accompanying modules RT5000 Dynamic Document Formatter
FDLView Professional system RT5000 Document Design System
RedPrint, and accompanying modules RT5000 Legacy Migration System
This module... is now called: Windows filename
FDLView Page Designer wfdlview.exe
FDL compiler Page Compiler wfdl.exe
RedAct Document Planner redact.exe
RT In/Out Font/Image Converter rtio32.exe
RTFont Font Rasteriser rtfont.exe
RTDisk Xerox Disk Converter rtdisk.exe
RTTape Tape Converter rttape.exe
RedPrint DataStream Converter Toolkit dsctk.exe
Run-time DataStream Converter rtdsc.exe
JSLView JSL Editor jslview.exe
PrePrinter Dynamic Document Formatter ddf.exe
PPLoader Resource Manager pploader.exe
RTFiles File Manager rtfiles.exe
Fil File Editor $fil.exe
FRed Font Editor $fred.exe
Rifle Image Editor $rifle.exe
RTEnv RT Configuration rtenv.exe

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