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RedTitan simplifies customised `badging' services for brokers MSD
Insurance brokers Membership Services Direct Ltd manage insurance on behalf of trade unions, clubs and societies who offer special services or rates to their members. RT5000 has made easy work of creating documents that match each society's individual trading style. Diagram of RT5000 system
MSD wanted to improve the look of their literature but they also felt they were spending too much time tidying up and correcting documents. RT5000 allowed them to keep the IBM AS400 computers but change from using dedicated line printers to a network of HP-LaserJet5 printers, without wasting time embedding PCL commands in the application programs or using protocol converters.

Their system is now more streamlined -- they only need one type of plain precut paper, instead of loading the correct preprinted sprocket-fed paper onto the printer for each customer. Printing the correct logos, headers, signatures, etc, on each document is simple with RT5000's conditional logical processing. Programmers no longer spend time trying to position data fields exactly on the pages; an unlimited number of data fields can be marked, viewed and aligned exactly using the WYSIWYG page designer software.

The system runs more reliably because all the resources are sent with the job. The system's scanning and editing software allows MSD to digitise logos, fonts and signatures for their clients themselves.

RedTitan specialise in solving problems for individual customers. For example, a particular request by MSD was quickly addressed by adding a new command into the system's code. `The people we met from RedTitan really knew their stuff and we were confident that we were going to get a high level of support.'

A typical letter sent by MSD to an end-customer might contain 15 variable fields. When the letter is printed, the system not only applies the correct customer name and address, reference number, etc, to the core text, but it also matches this up with the correct logo, address, trading style, etc, for the society to which the customer belongs. RT5000 automatically adjusts the spacing and layout to fit whichever variable logos and text are being used.

How logo substitution works

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