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To see exactly how easy it is you can send RedTitan your job files and request a test demo. For more information, send us an email with 'DataStream Conversion demo' in the title.

No need to rewrite legacy applications

Upgrading to new printers can be a daunting task when every JSL job from the Xerox line printer has to be converted . RedTitan lets you print your existing documents on the new printer without wasting valuable programming time on recoding applications (or maintaining an old printer just to run old jobs).

First, key resources from the the Xerox printer including fonts, forms and JSL files are simply transferred to the Datastream converter. Utilities to check DJDE/JSL and font requirements are included in the package. The RedTitan Page Designer has full support for native FSL forms including WYSIWYG editing and compilation to the target format - PCL, POSTSCRIPT, AFP.

The fully automated run-time system converts a DJDE and Metacode datastream on-the-fly. The output, indistinguishable from the Xerox original, can be distributed to any network connected printer or converted to other electronic document formats

The DataStream Converter No other software offers so many viewing options for your documents on a stand-alone or network basis. DataStream Converter offers:

  • a built-in Metacode viewer;
  • a hot-link to Adobe Acrobat for viewing PostScript output;
  • unique to RedTitan — a hot-link to the new PCL viewer EscapeE .

New jobs are easy to set up and check

RedTitan's Legacy Migration System comes with the option of a complete development kit for new jobs. Instead of running in batch mode, the Developer version opens up with a set of tabbed windows and links to many useful utilities for preparing and checking the components of a job.

Now you can check the syntax of the JSL file and link to the RedTitan JSL Editor for correcting errors. The system lists the resources used in the job and alerts you to missing fonts and forms. You can view font details, view and edit the raw data, and convert forms and resources automatically to different formats.

From the Developer window you have a hot-link to the Page Designer module of the Document Design System. Here you can create new forms or read in and edit existing FSLs/FRMs so that you don't have to run legacy jobs unchanged.

When everything is correct, you just select an output format and, at the touch of a button, merge the JSL, data and forms on screen. You can scroll through the pages to check the compete job and sample pages on a local printer. The DJDEs generated can also be checked.

System requirements

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