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Perfect documents without effort

With the help of RedTitan, generating documents from the corporate database is always simple. The Dynamic Document Formatter acts as a print server on any network, providing dynamic text formatting on Xerox Metacode, PCL and PostScript printers. Because the data is sent separately from the layout and resources (which are stored on the printer), each page is composed at the full speed of the printer.

The system manages proportional fonts, line widths and page ends so that each document is perfectly composed even with embedded data and complex boolean' conditions. RedTitan are market-leaders in barcode technology for production laser printing. The Document Formatter Barcode option is the only system that formats dynamic barcodes on-the-fly.

Everything is taken care of — even tricky A3 paper orientation issues are handled for you. We make it easy!

Fits into any system and integrates printers

These days the Xerox centralised printer no longer sits in lonely splendour! With the Dynamic Document Formatter you can connect Xerox Metacode and PostScript printers into the network and the system's Windows driver provides access to a Xerox printer directly from a PC workstation.

RedTitan never ties you into particular network protocols, host systems or printers. The Dynamic Document Formatter integrates into any local and wide area network including Novell Netware and TCP/IP LPR/LPD. It runs on any PC in the organisation and uses a standard Windows interface to manage jobs. Most printers today run on one of the three supported languages: Metacode, PCL or PostScript.

The RedTitan Document Formatter is probably the best value document management system on the market — compare our prices with the competition.

Reduces network traffic for data transfers

With the RedTitan Dynamic Document Formatter you don't need to prepare a data file each time you run a job. Execute an SQL query to extract just the data you want so that the file is smaller and the information is right up-to-date. The system interfaces to all commonly used databases.

RedTitan has other solutions for the inexorable increase in traffic on corporate networks. The Document Courier routes files around the TCP/IP network so that a single document can be sent to multiple sites. Because you transmit only the variable data required for a print job, you conserve band width.

The Document Courier also logs completed transactions so that delivery can be confirmed. The system will automatically retry disconnected or unreachable TCP/IP locations and so acts as a spooling system for servers that are not permanently connected to the network.

Application programs control the Document Courier using simple text commands inserted into output files. The system is suitable for SAP or QAD control.

System requirements

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