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RedTitan operates Europe's fastest digitising service for sourcing and supplying fonts, signatures, logos and barcodes for users of laser printers, ion deposit printer and image setters driven by PC or Mac.

Our software research and development section has created a range of applications for converting fonts between printer formats and scanning/editing bitmap fonts and graphics.

Enquiries and orders:

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(+44) [0]870 870 5432

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Barcodes and OCR fonts
Font cartridges, IC cards
Express delivery

The Euro symbol: The RedTitan Bureau Service can incorporate the Euro symbol into your existing fonts.


All leading suppliers
As well as fonts held in the RedTitan font library, RedTitan can supply licensed fonts for PC or Apple Macintosh from all leading suppliers, such as Bitstream, Digitype, URW and Agfa-Compugraphic — over 1500 styles in total.

Any format
Fonts are available in bitmap or scaleable outline format for any printer format, including Xerox, HP, Star, Canon, Fujitsu, IBM, DEC, Siemens and Kyocera. Fonts are supplied on diskette, tape, font cartridge and IC card.

Outline font formats

  • HP/Agfa Compugraphic Intellifont
  • PostScript Type 1
  • Bitstream Speedo
  • Windows TrueType

Bitmap font formats

  • Xerox
  • Siemens/Nixdorf
  • IBM/Lexmark
  • HP-PCL
  • Konica
  • Nipson/Bull
  • Canon
  • DEC


  • Floppy disk
  • Magnetic tape
  • Font cartridge
  • Font IC card


Any format
RedTitan can digitise your organisation's logos, signatures and even complete letterheads and footers. These are converted to the format of any printer: TIFF, PCX, PostScript, 'logo' fonts (for Xerox CEPs).
Graphics are supplied on diskette tape, font cartridge and IC card.

Discounts are available for large orders.

Barcodes and OCR fonts

Any barcode
RedTitan can supply any barcode in use today, e.g. Telepen, 2 of 5, MSI (modified Plessey), Codabar, Ean13, 3 of 9. These are available on diskette, tape, font cartridge or IC card. All barcodes are supplied with a booklet with guidelines for using barcode fonts.

Customised solutions
The RedTitan library holds many examples of different barcodes, but because some barcode readers are more tolerant than others, and some barcode label printers print darker than others, we can easily create new barcodes of different dimensions and thicknesses for specific purposes.

OCR fonts
We also supply a range of machine readable (OCR) fonts, e.g. E13B, OCRB, OCRA, CMC7. Click here for more about the Dynamic Barcode option for creating barcodes from variable data.

Font cartridges and IC cards

Customised cartridges
Cartridges and IC cards can be encoded with the your choice of fonts, logos, signatures, forms and barcodes to match a corporate style or the needs of special projects.

Discounts on quantity
RedTitan designs and manufactures its own font cartridges, thus allowing corporate clients to gain discounts on large quantities..

Express delivery

Most fonts are available 'off-the-shelf', but for those that have to be sourced, RedTitan has gained a reputation for being able to supply fonts and services in record time. Clients can fax or email an order for fonts and receive them by email the same day.

Delivery Email, instantly worldwide Express courier, 1 to 3 days worldwide Next day deliver, 24hr UK Royal Mail post, 24hr plus.

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