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Inputs and outputs all printer formats

RedTitan has never been tied to particular printer manufacturers. Our software stores all the information about resources in a machine-independent format. So all modules in the Font Kit create output in any industry standard printer format. This is why RedTitan are experts in legacy migration. Fonts, logos and images can be copied from one printer (e.g. Xerox line printer) and reused on new types of printer (e.g. PCL, PostScript). You can also change the orientation and other features or convert Xerox logos to and from images.

Many production laser printers only accept bitmap fonts in fixed sizes. But RedTitan gives you the freedom and flexibility that users of outline scalable fonts have always enjoyed. You can use RedTitan’s Font Rasteriser to convert a TrueType and PostScript font or barcode into a bitmap font, in any size or style, for any industry standard format. When making the conversion, users of non-Windows or non-English language character sets can map the font to a different standard symbol set or ‘drag-and-drop’ characters to create a customised code table.

So next time the marketing department designs the new house style using TrueType or Adobe fonts, why not save yourself time and money sourcing the bitmap equivalents for the Xerox CEP!

Users who want it all done for them or who need to purchase font licences can contact the RedTitan Font Bureau service.

Professional resource manipulation tools

RedTitan gives you a font bureau on your desktop! Use the world’s leading bitmap Font Editor to scan in or import fonts, edit them and convert to any format. A comprehensive font editing toolbox allows editing of individual characters or the whole font. New characters, such as accented characters, can be created and whole character sets can even be scanned in from artwork.

Languages such as Chinese, Japanese and Korean are a challenge for laser printer users owing to the very large character sets requiring two bytes to specify each character. Furthermore, new words require a new graphic character to be created and added to the font stored in the printer. RedTitan has created a system for managing double-byte character set fonts for printing to both IBM AFP and Xerox CEP machines. So managing customer databases with Kanji fonts has never been easier.

Convert your own artwork to digital form using the Font Kit scanner interface. Then edit it with the RedTitan colour Image Editor and output files as images or logos in any specific printer format, for example PCX, BMP, TIFF, PS, GIF, XIMG, HIMG, or incorporate into page designs.

Use the handy Clip Converter to copy bitmap images straight from other Windows programs and edit them for colour, definition , etc. Then export them to use on page designs in the RedTitan Document Design System.

RedTitan's software professionals have created many other useful utility programs. See the brochure for more details.

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