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RedTitan font kit
RedTitan font kit gives you a font bureau on the desktop PC.

A complete set of professional tools handles scanning images, editing fonts and images, and converting between formats.

All printer formats are handled.

Font bureau

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dot.gif (852 bytes) Inputs and outputs to any printer format.
dot.gif (852 bytes) Converts TrueType and PostScript fonts to bitmap format.
dot.gif (852 bytes) Creates special font effects, accented characters, etc. Double byte font management option.
dot.gif (852 bytes) Scanner interface with colour image editing.
dot.gif (852 bytes) PCL Intellifont to Xerox MRP conversion.
dot.gif (852 bytes) Cartridge programming.
dot.gif (852 bytes) Professional file editing and management tools.

Scan it, convert it, edit it, move it. We make it easy

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