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PCL viewer and datastream handler

What's new
blob.gif (814 bytes) Now also views and transforms PDF documents
blob.gif (814 bytes) Creates PDF forms that can be filled on-line
blob.gif (814 bytes) XML and text mode data skimming using unique character recognition technology
blob.gif (814 bytes) Plugins for barcodes.



The best viewer on the market!

EscapeE - Convert PCL to PDF
A PCL and HPGL viewer. As a viewer it gives a perfect screen view of pages of a PCL print run for checking jobs and publishing documents electronically. As a powerful transform tool it converts PCL to TIFF, PDF, Postscript, AFPDS, IPDS and a wide range of other formats for archiving, publishing and printing. Extracts data from PCL files into Text, CSV and XML formats for indexing or searching.

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