Enterprise solutions for electronic documents
Enterprise solutions for electronic documents

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ERP case studies:

A complete enterprise document solution

An investment in ERP [enterprise resource planning] software will revolutionise the flow of information in your business. Yet, when it comes to some of the more sophisticated areas of document production, ERP packages can leave you high and dry. With today's high standards of presentation, document output cannot be left to the amateurs: the design restrictions of database report writers or the limited processing power of the desktop word processor. Managing your enterprise printing from ‘data-to-paper’ is a job for the database publishing professional such as RedTitan.

Revolutionise information flows

The professionals
RedTitan are experts in designing solutions for the business applications of laser printers. Our
RT5000 system interfaces to industry applications written for QAD, Oracle or SAP and is used by big corporations throughout the world to produce customised documents, transmitted around the corporate network and delivered at high speed and volume to any output format. RT5000 optimises your business applications by giving you powerful presentation tools which integrate into your existing systems.

Perfect presentation
Our customers know that in today’s world every document needs to look good, not just the glossy marketing literature. RT5000 ‘turns base metal into gold’: transforming and formatting your raw data into sophisticated-looking documents, merging variables in seamlessly and repaginating the text. It lets you use the professional font and graphic design effects that your marketing team expects.

Communicate more effectively
RT5000 creates more opportunities for you to cross-sell and target customers, and it helps you to communicate effectively with suppliers, distributors and so on. You can compile completely personalised letters and statements, add special messages and pages, link graphics and barcodes to the data, and even substitute different languages on the same document.

Vendor independence
Unlike some document management solutions, RT5000 does not tie you to particular host systems, networks or laser printers. Running in a Windows environment on any PC in the system, RT5000 integrates easily into the corporate network.

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