Enterprise solutions for electronic documents
Enterprise solutions for electronic documents

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 Year 2000

Distribute and print across the LAN/WAN

RT5000 gives you the tools for distributed printing across the local and wide area network.

Control corporate standards
RT5000 helps you to control standards for documents throughout the organisation. The
Design System produces output for almost any printer type, so core documents can be designed and proofed from a central point then distributed around the network for printing. Fonts and images can be stored at the printer, thus ensuring corporate style is consistent.

Routing files
Document Courier routes files around a TCP/IP network, with single documents sent to multiple sites to keep down network traffic. The receiving program logs completed transactions so that delivery can be confirmed for auditing or accounting purposes. The system will automatically retry disconnected or unreachable TCP/IP locations and so acts as a spooling system for servers that are not permanently connected to the network.

Redundant program runs are eliminated, as targeted output means that a single application output file can address any number of specific printers or servers in the network.

Distribute and print
Legacy Migration System not only substitutes for a Xerox printer, it can also create an effective 'distribute and print' system. This unique tool emulates all the features of Xerox centralised printers on PCL, PostScript, IBM-AFP or Xerox VIPP printers. So jobs created for an old Xerox CEP can be run at other sites without rewriting applications. And vice versa -- print jobs tested on a PCL desktop printer at one site will run exactly the same on the mainframe printer, or any other printer, at another site.

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