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Easy to use graphical interface

Your programmers are valuable. So why waste their time with writing code for database documents? RedTitan makes everything easy so that any Windows user can create dynamic tailor-made documents on the PC.

The core module of the system, Page Designer, creates the pages with the placeholders for the data then the Document Planner lets you build up multiple pages with a further layer of interaction with the data. The Dynamic Barcode and Dynamic Graphic options makes simple work of building barcodes, charts and graphs into documents. Merge the data into the layout and see how each page looks with live data.

With a familiar Windows interface, training new staff is fast and easy, and your computing professionals are freed up to get on with what they do best.

Create professional looking documents

Do your high-volume documents match up to the presentation standards of your organisation?  The Design System's comprehensive design toolbox makes it easy to create sophisticated dynamic layouts using professional scalable fonts, shaded areas, lines, boxes, graphics, and full and spot colour.

Many well-known word processors have simple mail-merge features but RedTitan customers know that only professional database publishing systems have the power to handle large databases at high speeds and with complex conditional layouts.

The Design System gives you a WYSIWYG view of the layout on screen. Perfect proofs are sampled instantly on a local printer without wasting time on the production printer.

Now you can implement design ideas from the marketing department even in high-volume jobs.

Fits into any network, host and printer systems

RedTitan never ties you into one manufacturer’s hardware setup. Our software runs on a Windows PC and supports all standard formats: both data input and formatted output. e.g. Xerox, VIPP, IBM, PCL, PostScript, TIFF, HTML, XML and PDF.

RedTitan are the world's VIPP specialists and our Design System is the only one that supports both VIPP line mode and database mode. To find out more about VIPP visit Xerox.

RedTitan are also the world's leading experts in migration from Xerox line printers. So even complex conversions of hundreds of forms can be done in a day. The RedTitan form is stored in a printer-independent format, so you can still run jobs on the old printer. Try doing that from any other design package on the market!

Because we write our own software RedTitan can handle any non-standard format on request and will even come and implement it all for you.

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