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RedTitan document design system

The RedTitan document design system optimises your information systems by integrating data into mass-customised documents.

An easy-to-use design interface helps non-programmers build sophisticated documents.

Interacting with any host and business application, the system creates output for printers, browsers, viewers, archive systems.

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RT5000 document design system

dot.gif (852 bytes) Document design and composition for high volume database publishing.
dot.gif (852 bytes) Supports all industry standard printers and e-formats.
dot.gif (852 bytes) Runs on PC under Microsoft Windows.
dot.gif (852 bytes) WYSIWYG interface with access to source language.
dot.gif (852 bytes) Sophisticated ‘conditional’ data handling and viewing features.
dot.gif (852 bytes) Multi-page composition.

Design it, view it, share it, print it. We make it easy

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