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RedTitan RT5000 aims to improve customer compliance for the DTI at Companies House
Companies House, an agency of the Department of Trade and Industry, holds the public records of more than 1.5 million companies in the UK. Their objective was to improve compliance with requests and reminders by making their correspondence more personalised to individual companies. Diagram of RT5000 system
The RT5000 system allows Companies House to transmit documents over their WAN of three different sites around the UK. Documents are prepared and edited in Cardiff and proofs can be run instantly on a desktop printer -- checking and approval now takes hours instead of days. RT5000 generates output for both Xerox and Siemens printers for use at the main printing site in Devizes. The same documents can be quickly customised for Scottish legal requirements and printed on a PCL machine in Edinburgh. Companies House have moved their Xerox 4090 printer and ICL mainframe to Devizes but the RT5000 Legacy Migration System allows them to emulate the Xerox jobs on a PCL machine at the old site in Cardiff.

Changes to documents are now quick and easy to make, without wasting programmers' time on rewriting over 100 applications. RT5000 seamlessly merges variable text into the fixed layout to create more personalised letters. They also have a more professional look because formatting with proportional fonts is handled automatically. Letters are also better drafted, because the content can be easily edited by 'non-boffins'. Companies House have started using colour highlights, giving a greater `fright value' to their warning letters!

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