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Insurance giant gets high-speed customised correspondence with RT5000
Axa Sun Life is one of the UK's top life assurance companies. It delivers its policies through independent financial advisers  and markets them under different brand names. RT5000's state-of-the-art system has improved the look and quality of their customer correspondence with more focused letters tailored to individual policyholders. Diagram of RT5000 system
Axa Sun Life prints more than two million documents a month centrally on two Xerox 4090s. When they needed to change the header and logo on all their documents their major concern was the time it would take programmers to rewrite all the applications. They wanted letters to look as if they'd come off a word processor, not their Tandem mainframe, but still delivered at high speed. In fact they got more than they expected; RT5000 now allows the whole document to be compiled dynamically from predefined paragraphs and sentences using Boolean logic, producing highly sophisticated personalised documents. House style information - fonts, logos, standard names, etc - is stored in one source file allowing instant amendments.

Text and tables look more professional. Dynamic reformatting of pages, and automatic handling of line breaks and word-wraps, means proportional fonts can be used instead of old-fashioned `typewriter' fonts.

No time is wasted on the Xerox printers, as perfect proofs can be run instantly to any desktop printer.The screen shows an exact WYSIWYG view of the pages, so programmers don't waste time positioning the data by trial and error. RT5000 has integrated the 4090s into the Novell 4 network.

" IT was always the constraining force, but now marketing is more in control."

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