Enterprise solutions for electronic documents
Enterprise solutions for electronic documents

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Archiving documents

Electronic archiving is an increasingly important part of an organisation's document management. EscapeE, our new PCL viewer and conversion tool transforms your PCL pages into documents for archiving systems. Choose a format to suit your requirements: TIFF [Tagged Image File Format], Adobe PDF [Portable Document Format] or plain text.

  • TIFF images are useful when for legal reasons you need to store an exact snapshot of the page that can’t be altered. Options for TIFF export allow you to change the resolution of the pages and the mode of compression. EscapeE will create a TIFF file for each page of the job or, if you prefer, it will run the job to a single file.
  • For flexibility in terms of text searching and manipulation, with good compression and the ability to print the pages perfectly on any printer (whether PCL or not), PDF is a better option.
  • For the smallest file size and maximum ease of searching and reusing text, there is the option to export the job to plain text [ASCII, or whatever character set was used].

File export can be set to run unattended, so that PCL files with specified extensions are converted automatically as they arrive in a particular directory path.

The RedTitan Page Designer can also save individual pages direct to TIFF (binary, LZW or CCITT4 compression) or HTML.

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